1 peter 3:4

"cultivate inner beauty--the gentle, gracious kind
that God delights in.the holy women of old were
beautiful before God that way.." -1 peter 3:4

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

perfection--quite the dirty word!

daily i feel pressured to be perfect in every area. be a perfect role model...a perfect sister, daughter, or granddaughter...a perfect Christian...a perfect employee...a perfect friend...a perfect roommate. the problem is, i never will be anything close to perfect. what's more, even if i could make myself perfect from here on out until the end of my life, my past will have [a lot of!!] imperfections, and nothing i do now or in the future will change that.

God is teaching me a lot about perfection in my personal life. i strive and strive to be perfect. and as i do, i get discouraged because i don't achieve it. because i fail at achieving it, i begin to lose hope of ever accomplishing it, so i slack off. then i get frustrated with myself for not being perfect, so once i get over being so frustrated with myself, i try again to be perfect. it's a never-ending cycle.

society makes us feel as if we need perfection. perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect skin, perfect smile. we want things "perfectly straight" and to look "picture perfect". when will we stop looking to the world to tell us what's perfect, and realize that the idea of perfection is our enemy?

paul writes in 2 corinthians 12 that Christ is made more evident in our imperfections that He is anywhere else. as paul wrestled with weaknesses, the Lord said to him: "my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." this has been an extremely life-changing concept for me to try to comprehend. i am beginning to understand that my Christian walk isn't so much about my failing to meet perfection...its about God meeting me where i am regardless of how near or far i am from perfection.

in realizing this, and having to remind myself of it daily, i realize that there is so much mercy shown to me. the fact that i can make mistakes and still be used in God's perfect plan is such a saving grace. i am learning to embrace the imperfections...not embracing my sinful nature, but accepting that He will work out all for His good and perfect will.

thank you Jesus.