1 peter 3:4

"cultivate inner beauty--the gentle, gracious kind
that God delights in.the holy women of old were
beautiful before God that way.." -1 peter 3:4

Monday, July 23, 2012

Engagement Sesh!

Just because I love you...I will share with you the sneak peek photos from my engagement session. (Note: I spelled "peek" correctly. At 6am this morning when I tweeted the photos, I said "peak" and was attacked by an anonymous Twitter grammar officer and informed of my mistake. Never. Again.)

And here you are! I love love love the colors in this one...

And I love the big-wide-world-openness of this...


Friday, July 20, 2012

In Tribute

Words cannot express how my heart hurts for the families and friends of those lost in the Colorado tragedy. At work, I just kept getting a lump in my throat each time I thought about it -- so I swallowed the lump, blinked tears out of my eyes, and said a prayer.

Upon coming home, all of my emotions released, and I just could not stop crying. It shocked me that I was so invested in the lives of these families I'd never met, and these friends I'd never been acquainted with. I wasn't sure why I was so upset. And I felt anger - not at anyone particular, I don't think - and certainly not at God. But I was still, nonetheless, angry.

The events brought back emotions and pain from April 16, 2007, when a friend of mine lost her life at Virginia Tech. I think that for that reason, I feel so intensely for the persons who lost loved ones in Colorado.

In memory of all those who lost their lives, and all those who are left here to miss and love them...

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Said Yes!

While getting my hair done tonight, my stylist (the lovely Allison at Salon Amore!) told me that I should be blogging about this time in my life. "Think of it as your journal, a place to sort your ideas," she suggested. Why didn't I think of that?, I wondered. I have been absent from the blogging world for so long, I should be banned. In my defense, my life has been insanely busy...so without further ado...

JOE AND I ARE ENGAGED! He asked on May 19th and we have been super busy ever since. We are planning our wedding for October 20th of this year. (AHHH!)

Want a sneak peek at what I'm considering? Keep reading. I want to share this process with you and my planning ideas, because I know that not all of you will attend. I wish so badly that I could invite each and every person I know, but its just not financially possible. I have had to make all kinds of cuts to my guest list, and it hurts me each time I have to, because I care so much for the people invested in my life. I'm finally down to 220 people, and I'm having to leave it there. I can't make it shorter, and I can't add a single more. I figure this way I can at least share wedding details and excitement with everyone, regardless of invitation status. If you get one, know that you are loved and dear to me. If you do not get one, know that you are also loved and dear to me and that it was very emotional for me to not be able to offer the opportunity to attend.

* * *

I have always been very sure of the desired feel of my wedding: rustic southern. I'm not sure what triggered that desire years ago, but it seems a natural thing for me.

I've always wanted 3 components to make up my wedding: water, but not the beach...a barn...and a large open field. I figured I'd never find all 3, but that I would settle for as close to the perfect trio as possible. Then, I saw the photos from one of our youth girl's birthday parties: her parents live in a house with a barn and large field. It was beautiful. I fell in love with the scenes from the pictures. When I saw her dad, Tom, at church, I asked him if he'd consider allowing me to look at his property as a potential wedding site. He was thrilled I'd asked, and offered to let me come by sometime and look at the property. I went out, and lo and behold, there was the barn and field I'd become so fond of. But it wasn't at all what I'd expected: there was a long drive from the main road, with fields on either side. The barn was in front of the house, to the right. I'd imagined it in the back, but felt fine with it being in front. As he walked me around back, I was amazed to see that their backyard sits right on a riverbank. All 3 of my wants were right there in front of me!

Our plan is to have the ceremony in the back, and reception in the front. I have this beautiful vision of a ceremony with the river in the background, and a party of a reception in the front with the fields and barn, with lots of strung lights.

Here are some ideas I'm in love with:

{I love this color scheme: so much that I'm copying!}

{I love the idea of cotton in the centerpieces! That's truly a southern thing!}

{Everyone knows: it's not a party 'til you play some cornhole...}

{The dinner plates will have similiar foods!}

Once I have more ideas finalized, I will share more! I could not be enjoying this time anymore than I already am. :)