1 peter 3:4

"cultivate inner beauty--the gentle, gracious kind
that God delights in.the holy women of old were
beautiful before God that way.." -1 peter 3:4

Thursday, October 13, 2011

i have a bff crush.

i came across the COOLEST blog tonight. and in reading it i found out that i have a TON in common with the blogger: we both went to cosmetology school while still in high school and both love Jesus. we have similiar tastes in a lot of things and while i've been wanting to marry a worship pastor and live in carolina {i'm only half-kidding}, she lives there now, married to a guy she met while he led worship at a church! her blog is


and i'm kinda in love with everything on it...

like the messy ponytail how-to:

or the how-to-curl-your-hair video: 

{in fact, i'm pretty much certain that i'll be getting this haircut now.}

or the super cute jewelry she designs: which you can find by clicking this.

to my lovely 9th and 10th grade girls -- y'all will LOVE it. i'm so excited to see how many of you come in with cute little headbands and curly ponytails next week.

so i'm going out on a limb: i'm going to send her an email. i'm fairly certain that we could be blogger-friends. sometimes you just get this feeling when you meet someone, or in this case, stumble across someone's blog; and you just know if you could talk over a latte in starbucks, you'd be best friends. or is that just me? oops; i'm outed. :)

i just love people; strangers, friends, old, young...and i love making new friends. so if you're reading this and we've not yet been acquainted...in a nutshell:
i'm anna nicole. i love my Savior. the word "grace" is my favorite word. i like to laugh, love, and listen to music really loud in my car. i'm a dog person and i do makeup part-time. and i can not wait to see what God has in store for my life!

{p.s..something neat! a lot of my words can be clicked on to take you to other sites! if it's bolded, colored..etc, try and see! you never know where i'll hide a surprise!}


  1. So I have to post a comment on this one! I just stumbled onto your blog by way of Kate's blog and I enjoyed the first post I read so much that I am continuing on! ;)I have to say when you were describing yourself in that last paragraph, it sounded like you were describing me. (What are the chances of that?!) Oh, I love the possibilities that blogging brings around! Nice to meet you, Anna Nicole!

  2. Ah, yay! I am so glad you kept reading! :) I can tell we are probably similiar just because your comment seems like one I'd leave too!! :) xo